Laboratory of Distributed Systems (LSD)


LSD is the acronym of Laboratorio de Sistemas Distribuidos (in spanish). LSD is part of the prestigious Engineering Faculty of the National University of Asunción (FIUNA). The LSD has three-fold mission: to create knowledge, to disseminate knowledge, and to provide service to our communities, the local FIUNA community and the broader community beyond the campus of National University of Asunción (UNA). We serve as a center of expertise in computing technologies for our university, our research collaborators like the Laboratory of Power and Control System (LSPyC), and our industry partners.

On the research front, the LSD, staff, and students are exploring innovative ideas in areas focused on Embedded Systems, Distributed Systems (DS) through Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), Internet of Things (IoT) and the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). We also develop Monitoring and Management Systems related to the Environment, Precision Agriculture and Renewable Energy (RE).

Since LSD through FIUNA, we are convinced that Paraguay cannot be dissociated from the worldwide technological advances in terms of new challenges. Incorporating tools to process the data intelligently based on events is required. We believe that the increase in embedded devices will grow and need a way to interact cooperatively with these. Incorporating ITS, Intelligent Environments, Monitoring and Environmental Management and the use of New Networks Interconnected, will be definitely a sustainable solution to future problems.




Prof. Dr. Derlis O. Grégor, Jefe (Ver CVPy)

Laboratorio de Sistemas Distribuidos (LSD)
Centro de Innovación Tecnológica (CITEC)
Facultad de Ingeniería de la Universidad Nacional de Asunción (FIUNA)
Tel. (+595) 21-585 581/4 – Int. 2214